Hackathon Organization Briefing and Q&A

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Find Below summary of the meeting of May 4, 2017 at Campus Biotech

The After-Hack Hackathon Event

The After-hack event will be organized on Friday, May 12, 2017 :

  • A brainstorming session about :
    • Future of innovation in Geneva area.
    • Discuss hackathon topics.
    • What happens after hackathons with projects.
  • Speaker from X-lab from China will come and a number of special guests.
  • Open Talk on Thursday 18:30 at Uni-mail about “A Sustainable Digital Age” given by Rufus Pollock from Open Knowledge Foundation.
  • Inauguration of Makerspace will be on Friday, May 12, 2017 at Innovation Campus Biotech.

For more details refer to the wiki : After Hack Hackathon

Final event on Sunday 14 May

  • Posters will be printed in A1 format, It need to be ready on Saturday, May 13th before 17:55 and posters must be sent to posters@opengeneva.org
  • Maybe screen could be used to present projects (To be defined).
  • No plotter printer yet on Sunday morning but we are looking for that.
  • All participant should register to the eventbrite link (Mandatory).
  • Feel free to invite people that you know even if they didn't participate in the hackathon.
  • A mandatory coaching will be offered from 13:30 to 15:30 for the person presenting the team just for 10 teams and on Saturday evening the jury will decide what projects will be presented.
  • Friday and Saturday we are in the Innovation Park and the final presentation will take place at the Biotech Campus main building.
  • Door will be open on Sunday at 15:00, teams will have time to set up their posters, explaining the projects and networking session.
  • At 16:00 sharp a presentation “The Power of Open” will be held by Rufus Pollock.


  • Open Geneva Hackatons is open for teams who want to put some documentation for their projects so feel free to encourage your participants to write about their projects.
  • Organizers will receive an email on Sunday, May 8, asking how many participants have signed up, please answer in order to facilitate planning.


  • Participants must be briefed accordingly (Food handling, security issues, badge handling, bathroom).
  • Gathering and food will be provided at Campus Biotech.
  • Morning : Croissant and coffee.
  • Lunch : Sandwiches.
  • Dinner : Pizza and Snacks.

Room setup

  • A room will be assigned to each team.
  • Flip chart for small room, white board for big rooms.
  • If you need specific materials please bring it with you.
  • Food is not allowed outside the kitchen of Biotech Campus.
  • Code of conduct (it is up to organizers to mention it to their participants, example: problem of Intellectual property). The main organizers will provide an generic Code of conduct.