Geneva green crypto-currency Hackathon

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Geneva green crypto-currency Hackathon (GVA coin)

Using emerging technologies to develop a fully-green, local and sustainable crypto-currency named the Geneva coin (or GVA coin).

Aim of the Hackathon

Discussing, organizing and developping a green and sustainable crypto-currency named the Geneva coin (GVA coin).

This crypto-currency have to be fully environment-friendly (using only renewable energy) and sustainable (with a philosophy similar to the Léman coin initiative).

We are looking for students, researchers, crypto-coin enthusiasts, partners or contributors.

Proposed approach to be discussed

Our main approach is :

  • To determine this crypto-currency philosophy and unique features
  • To quickly create and deploy the GVA coin prototype running on a server using renewable energy
  • To develop a mobile payment application using GVA coin with the Open Source technology (no need to reinvent the wheel !)
  • To develop an online currency exchange market to trade GVA coins with other sustainable coins and crypto-currencies.
  • To establish partnerships with local shops and merchants

We are very open to any further ideas or different strategies, any kind of help will be gladly appreciated, please don't be shy !