Diversity and Gender Equality Hackathon (Fall 2017)

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The basic idea

Our current society is dominated by hierarchy, exclusivity and group membership, resulting in culture clashes and conflicts. If we’ve learned anything from Hackathons it’s that inclusiveness, diversity and transparency are invaluable in solving complex problems. So how inclusive are we in the real world? Gender equality is a prime example. Many of us pride themselves in being gender neutral but most measures that are meant to ensure equal opportunities are short-lived. Can we develop more sustainable measures and approaches to create equal opportunities?

We propose to run a Hackathon in the fall to put claims and measures of gender equality and diversity to the test. We want to create tools which we will provide to individuals and institutions to assess and monitor unidentified biases. For this we would like to bring together two groups who don’t normally work together. On the one hand, we would like to invite representatives from institutions who have tried and struggled to provide equal opportunities. On the other hand, we would like to invite hackers who specialise on data driven problem solving through an integrative and open source approach. Our goal is to develop machine learning models and simulations to identify the hidden factors that keep us from achieving sustainable diversity and efficiency. We hope to accelerate the social evolution/change that many of us have envisioned for years.

If you are interested in contributing to this Hackathon, either by helping us put it together or by participating in the Hackathon itself, please contact Diversity Hackathon 2017 or Kerstin Preuschoff (kerstin.preuschoff <at> unige.ch).

Proposed themes and approaches

1) Development of strategies of analysis, representation and communication (e.g. building upon machine learning), applied to public and institutional databases (e.g. Human Resource database); identification of innovative practical and effective solutions of organization and governance (e.g. based on the identification of incentives).

2) Ideal gender equality promotion model, in theory and in practice in actual organizations, bottom up and top down construction and perspectives, with worldwide comparative approach (reaching at institutions willing to explain their system and its performance);

3) Software development for diagnosis of (un)equal opportunites, including identification of hidden variables, based on the analysis of institutional HR databases and BigData, with guidelines for optimal ontology/content of institutional database to maximize the power and validity of diagnostic tools;

4) Workshops on innovative funding mechanisms and recruitment strategies to promote equal opportunities with the aim of building a network of potential contributors, involving actual actors of the domain.

Current needs

  • Communication and data hosting platform (with the potential to include multiple sites)
  • Datasets and databases
  • Admin support

pre-Hackathon workshop (May 12, 2017)

We ran a pre-Hackathon workshop on May 12, 2017. See here for more information.