BrainSqueeze: Embedding the SDGs into humanitarian practice

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General Informations

Date: Saturday 13th of May, 9h00 - 18h00

Place: Campus Biotech Innovation Park

Address: Avenue de Sécheron 15, 1202 Genève

Room: lobby (Innovation Space)

Contact: Adriana De Oro

Twitter: @humanitarianlab @opengeneva


The Global Humanitarian Lab is supporting Terre des Homme’s education work in Ioannina, Greece, with the installation of a creativity and empowerment space targeting young adolescents displaced by conflict. The project also aims to increase the integration of refugees with the local communities as well as promoting female inclusion.

We need your help to brainstorm ways we integrate our work with the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal five: gender equality. What activities could we suggest to ensure that the space supports the Global Goals?


Chose your time! There will be one-hour session throughout the day, sessions start on the hour, throughout the day.

Participants arriving at the hub will watch a short video introducing the Ioannina project by the local Fab Lab Manager, Danai Toursoglou, after which they can post ideas on how to achieve a gender balanced environment in the micro Fab Lab or ideas on how to concretely address other SDGs. Sessions are scheduled every hour from 10h00 to 17h00 on the hour, with intro of the context, brainstorming, and Q&A sessions.

09h00 Opening of the BrainHack Hub at Campus Biotech Innovation Park

10h00 BrainSqueeze #1

11h00 BrainSqueeze #2

12h00 BrainSqueeze #3

13h00 BrainSqueeze #4

14h00 BrainSqueeze #5

15h00 BrainSqueeze #6

16h00 BrainSqueeze #7

17h00 BrainSqueeze #8

18h00 Closing of the hub

Participation throughout the day will be open and the average time for the feedback would be 15 minutes.


The event is open to everyone. The participation does not require any specific background or knowledge, but an interest in SDGs and humanitarian issues.


Global Humanitarian Lab

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